Efficient, reliable & thorough assessment of your asbestos risk.

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    Efficient and Dependable Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans in Preston

    Since 2016, our dedicated team of asbestos professionals have been helping building owners and managers to identify and assess the asbestos risk within their Preston premises.

    As a building owner or manager in Preston, it is your duty by law to fully assess and manage the asbestos risk in your property. This is a difficult job to complete safely and, due to the risk asbestos poses, this job is difficult to fully undertake without the support of asbestos experts. Pillars Environmental are a team of dedicated professionals, extensively trained to identify and manage asbestos effectively. We can offer help and support to Preston building owners and managers with our tailored asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans. Our years of industry experience mean we are well equipped to handle a variety of risk levels and project sizes across Preston. All services provided are reliable, efficient and up to date with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation. 

    Asbestos Surveys in Preston

    At Pillars Environmental, we specialise in carrying out two main types of asbestos surveys:

    • Refurbishment and Demolition asbestos surveys.
    • Asbestos Management Surveys.

    A Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey (R&D Asbestos Survey) is a requirement for any property that was built before 2000, where refurbishment works are due to take place. This is because it is highly likely asbestos was used in the original building materials. The R&D survey is undertaken with visual and invasive techniques. Therefore, we do require full access to all areas of the property which may contain asbestos-containing materials.

    We can also perform Asbestos Management surveys at your property. The management survey is far less invasive and instead of needing full access, we would simply extract and replace asbestos-containing materials, as the building is likely to remain occupied throughout the asbestos management survey. Where access is available, all materials will be tested. If for any reason access cannot be granted, it would be assumed that asbestos is present. If material is found to have asbestos all other similar materials will be presumed to be containing asbestos too.

    Asbestos Management Plans in Preston

    An asbestos management plan describes how you intend to manage any asbestos found within your building. It sets out, in detail, all the stages that will need to be undertaken to manage the asbestos status, who is in charge of completing each stage and any training required at each stage. These are to ensure that those who may enter the building will remain protected against the risks asbestos brings.

    Our asbestos management plans in Preston can create permanent documentation of any asbestos-containing materials in your Preston property and outline the appropriate course of action. This can include: monitor and review, undertake remedial works or remove.

    Your bespoke asbestos management plan will give you the tools to manage the risk of asbestos and allows you to fulfil your legal obligations.

    Asbestos Removal Management in Preston

    Removing any asbestos in your Preston property is a complex and expensive job. Because of this, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) states that, for the majority of asbestos removal work, a licensed contractor is required. Pillars Environmental can arrange and supervise the removal of any asbestos in your Preston property, ensuring you remain compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations. All our asbestos management services are fully comprehensive meaning we can handle the job from start to finish, including:

    • Preparing the specifications,
    • Managing the tendering process,
    • Performing regular site audits whilst work is ongoing,
    • Providing continuous feedback,
    • Inspect documents provided by the removal contractor to ensure all information is correct and nothing is left outstanding.

    Working with you to provide a safe environment

    By providing bespoke and reliable solutions to a range of asbestos concerns, our dedicated team work alongside you to ensure everyone remains compliant and most importantly safe.

    If you’d like to know how we can tailor our asbestos services to you, get a free quote and more get in touch with our team. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    Areas we cover in Lancashire

    Our asbestos surveys are not just available in Preston, we also cover the rest of Lancashire, including:

    • Accrington,
    • Barrow in Furness,
    • Blackburn,
    • Blackpool,
    • Burnley,
    • Carlisle,
    • Chorley,
    • Clitheroe,
    • Colne,
    • Darwen,
    • Fleetwood,
    • Fylde,
    • Garstang,
    • Heysham,
    • Hyndburn,
    • Kirkham,
    • Lake District
    • Lancaster,
    • Leyland,
    • Longridge,
    • Lytham St Annes,
    • Morecambe,
    • Nelson,
    • Ormskirk,
    • Pendle,
    • Penrith,
    • Poulton-le-Fylde,
    • Ramsbottom,
    • Ribble Valley,
    • Rossendale,
    • Sefton,
    • South Ribble,
    • Southport,
    • West Lancashire,
    • Wrea Green,
    • Wyre


    Our process will usually begin with either a refurbishment/demolition or management asbestos survey. Both surveys are HSG264-compliant…


    An Asbestos Management Plan shapes your commitment to asbestos obligations, detailing how you ensure that nobody will be exposed to asbestos…


    Asbestos removal and abatement projects are often comprehensive and costly. To help keep these projects under control, we can co-ordinate activity…

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