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    Professional Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Management Plans in Bolton

    The expert asbestos contractors at Pillars Environmental have been working with property managers and owners to identify and inspect the risk of asbestos within their Bolton locations for almost a decade.

    As stated in the UK law, it is the responsibility of building owners and managers to accurately inspect their property for any potential Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs). While it can be a troublesome task, our surveyors enlist their expertise to help! The Pillars Environmental team provides professional and reliable asbestos services across Bolton and the surrounding areas. We have the important skills to offer tailored asbestos solutions for your particular circumstance. We are very proud of being effective, dependable and always compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements.

    Asbestos Surveys in Bolton

    Our knowledgeable team at Pillars Environmental carry out two types of asbestos surveys:

    The Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey (R&D Asbestos Survey) is an essential process for any buildings built before 2000, and will undergo refurbishment works, including full or partial demolition soon. For R&D surveys, it is necessary for full access to be given in order to fully inspect the building which may have ACMs. To maximise the value of our R&D Surveys, we carry them out with both visual and intrusive methods.

    By comparison, an Asbestos Management Survey (AMS) is a significantly less intrusive process. As the building in question is likely to have occupants throughout the surveying process, complete access is not required. We would only require enough to extract, then replace the suspected ACMs. Where we do have access however, these materials will be examined by a UKAS-accredited lab. If we cannot gain access to a specific area of the property for any reason, we will presume that asbestos is present. Should a certain material be found to contain asbestos, other similar materials would also be deemed as asbestos-containing.

    Asbestos Management Plans in Bolton

    The key function of Asbestos Management Plans is to detail how you intend to properly contain and manage any asbestos present in your property. It notes the required steps which you will take to manage the asbestos, who is the necessary person responsible for each stage, and any essential training required to fulfil the tasks successfully. These steps are vital in ensuring the safety of anybody who enters the building wherein ACMs are present. 

    Our Asbestos Management Plans are able to make a record of any ACMs within your Bolton building, whether it be a domestic or commercial property. Then, it will describe the correct course of action to follow. These steps can include: monitor and review, conduct remedial works, or asbestos removal. 

    Your bespoke Asbestos Management Plan will provide you with the correct tools to mitigate your asbestos risk and enables you to fulfil your legal obligations as building owner or manager.

    Asbestos Removal Management in Bolton

    Asbestos removal is certainly a complex task, which is why the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) strictly denotes that a licenced asbestos contractor is required for the majority of safe asbestos removals. Our expert team will plan and oversee the removal of asbestos within your Bolton property, whilst always staying compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations. We can relieve the weight off your shoulders and deal with the job from the beginning, including:

    • Preparing the specifications,
    • Managing the tendering process,
    • Undertaking regular site audits during ongoing work,
    • Providing continuous feedback,
    • Review documentation provided by the removal contractor to ensure information is correct and there is nothing outstanding.

    Our priority is safety for all involved

    By offering tailored solutions for a variety of asbestos-related issues, our reliable asbestos team will work alongside you to ensure everybody stays safe and compliant at every stage of the survey. 

    If you are interested in how we are able to tailor our asbestos services to suit your individual needs, contact our team today for your Bolton property. We are always available to answer any queries you may have about our asbestos services, or even asbestos in general.

    Our Greater Manchester Office Also Covers…

    On top of Bolton, our asbestos surveys are available across the rest of the Greater Manchester area, including:

    • Altrincham
    • Birkenhead
    • Bury
    • Buxton
    • Cheshire
    • Chester
    • Crewe
    • Holmes Chapel
    • Alderley Edge
    • Knutsford
    • Liverpool
    • Macclesfield
    • Manchester
    • Merseyside
    • Oldham
    • Rochdale
    • Runcorn
    • Sale
    • Salford
    • St Helens
    • Stockport
    • Tameside
    • Trafford
    • Warrington
    • Widnes
    • Wigan
    • Wirral


    Our process will usually begin with either a refurbishment/demolition or management asbestos survey. Both surveys are HSG264-compliant…


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