Asbestos Removal Management


Professional, Effective Asbestos Removal Management

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    Professional And Reliable Asbestos Removal Management

    Asbestos removal and repair is both complicated and time-consuming. This is why The Health and Safety Executive recommends that you get help managing asbestos removal contracts “for all but the most straightforward of jobs” from an experienced team of asbestos specialists.

    Experts in asbestos surveys and asbestos management, Pillars Environmental can also provide project management support to make sure that asbestos removal works are carried out safely, on-time and in strict compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.


    It’s Our Experience With Asbestos That Sets Us Apart

    Our asbestos removal management team has extensive experience working on some of the largest and most complex removal projects and can therefore offer a range of services, including: providing inspections, drawing up specifications and reviewing contractors.

    We will help you understand some of the more technical and confusing aspects of the asbestos regulations, guiding you on your obligations under the law and advising you on the most practical course of action in any given set of circumstances.

    Care must be taken when choosing a licensed asbestos removal contractor. Our years of industry experience mean that we can help you find a strong contractor, with the expertise to carry out the work you require.

    Pillars Environmental will work side by side with the preferred removal contractor to ensure a smooth project that will be on time and on budget, whilst always upholding the highest industry standards.

    Our Asbestos Removal Management Services

    With our asbestos removal project management services, we can:

    • Prepare the specification for the works, ensuring compliance with regulations and communicating your requirements to a list of contractors.
    • Manage the tendering process, assessing quotations and vetting removal contractors based on their experience and compliance with relevant health and safety regulations.
    • Perform regular site audits to monitor progress and ensure that the asbestos removal contractor is carrying out work safely.
    • Advise and represent the interests of the client in all site meetings to help maintain agreed timescales and costs.
    • Produce documentation showing that removal works were completed to a satisfactory standard at the end of a project.



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    If you would like help and advice on managing your asbestos removal, get in touch with our team. We can offer a free quote with every enquiry and are well-equipped to advise on any size project. In addition to our asbestos removal management, we also undertake asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans. Contact us today to learn more about our asbestos services.


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