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    What is an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)?

    An Asbestos Management Plan (AMPs) shapes your commitment to managing your asbestos obligations by setting out the process in which you will ensure people in your building or site are not exposed to the material.

    Our Asbestos Management Plans create a history of the materials on-site and ensure that they are maintained, labelled or removed. They are designed to give you the tools to ensure you fulfil your statutory obligations. It helps to ensure that you are managing your asbestos risks effectively and sets out clearly what follow-up actions are required to achieve this.

    Along with the desired actions, timeframes for completion will also be provided in your bespoke plan. These are based on a priority and material risk assessment scale. The plan also includes who is responsible for managing asbestos, the asbestos register, previous asbestos works undertaken on the site and the level of communication required to ensure it is managed effectively. Your Asbestos Management Plan will also include any training that is required to ensure the asbestos risk remains low.

    What is Included in an Asbestos Management Plan?

    Before getting an AMP, an asbestos survey must be carried out. The asbestos survey will determine if asbestos is present and where it is being used (for example, in ceiling tiles). Once the survey has identified the asbestos status of your property, an asbestos management plan must be put in place to combat the asbestos. At Pillars Environmental, we conduct two types of asbestos surveys: refurbishment and demolition surveys and asbestos management surveys (previously known as Type 3 and Type 2 asbestos surveys).

    If you have a commercial building which was built pre-2000, you must have your property checked for asbestos, in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, to remain compliant. Again, if asbestos is present during the asbestos survey, you must then put a management plan in place as you have a duty to protect individuals and the environment from the risks asbestos poses.


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    Creating an AMP is a complex process, and it often requires a deeper understanding of asbestos, asbestos legislation and how to safely remove asbestos correctly. That’s why it is recommended to bring in asbestos consultants to create your new management plan. Our professionals can help you to remain fully compliant with a detailed asbestos management plan. Get in touch for your free quote today.

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    les bridgwater
    les bridgwater
    A great service provided, we were working on a tight deadline they done everything in there powers to push this job forward & resolve our Asbestos problems. FIRST CLASS SERVICE. Smart Choice Dental Construction Ltd.
    Gareth Walsh
    Gareth Walsh
    Pillars have just carried out another survey on 30 flats for us. Carried out fast and great report (other than all the asbestos they found LOL). I would definitely recommend to others. Professional outfit.
    John Emerson
    John Emerson


    Our process will usually begin with either a refurbishment/demolition or management asbestos survey. Both surveys are HSG264-compliant…


    An Asbestos Management Plan shapes your commitment to asbestos obligations, detailing how you ensure that nobody will be exposed to asbestos…


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