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    Efficient and Reliable Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans in Cheshire

    Since 2016, our expert asbestos team have been helping owners and managers to identify and assess the asbestos status within their premises and buildings.

    Law in the UK states that building owners and managers are required to assess the asbestos status of their buildings to ensure the safety of everyone who may enter. This is often a difficult and complicated task to complete, but that is where we can help! We provide specialist asbestos services across Cheshire, offering support to owners and managers. Our Cheshire team has the experience and knowledge to provide tailored asbestos solutions for your project, including asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans. We pride ourselves on always being reliable, proficient and up to date with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation.

    Asbestos Surveys in Cheshire

    The team here at Pillars Environmental specialise in two kinds of asbestos surveys:

    The Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey (R&D Asbestos Survey) is needed for buildings which were constructed pre-2000, where refurbishments are due to take place.  The R&D asbestos survey is undertaken with visual and invasive procedures. Therefore, when carrying these out, we require access to all areas of the site which might contain asbestos.

    An Asbestos Management survey is far less invasive in comparison; we would not need full access to your building/ property. Alternatively, we would remove and replace any materials suspected to contain asbestos such as ceiling tiles, as the building is likely to remain occupied throughout the asbestos survey. Where access is feasible, the materials will be tested for asbestos and if access is difficult to obtain, we would presume asbestos is present. If the material is found to have asbestos then we would also assume other similar materials in the property would contain asbestos too. 

    Asbestos Management Plans in Cheshire

    An asbestos management plan details how you will manage any asbestos in your Cheshire property. It specifies the process that would be undertaken to ensure that any who enters or uses the building will remain protected against asbestos. The Pillars Environmental asbestos management plans create a history of any materials found to be containing asbestos and offers the correct strategy to take. This could include: monitoring and reviewing, undertaking remedial works or removal.

    Our asbestos management plans also provide the tools you need to manage the asbestos risk and enables you to fulfil your legal obligations.

    Asbestos removal management in Cheshire

    Asbestos removal is a complex and extensive job. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) advises that for the majority of asbestos removal, a licensed contractor is required.
    Our team of asbestos professionals can arrange and oversee the removal of any asbestos in your Cheshire property, in compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

    Our asbestos removal management services are also fully comprehensive. This means that we can manage and oversee the job from start to finish for you. This includes: preparing the specifications and managing the tendering process, performing site audits, providing feedback to you and analysing documents provided by the removal contractor to ensure all information is correct and nothing is left outstanding.

    Working with you to provide a safe environment

    Safety is our number one priority. That’s why our asbestos surveys are always tailored to your unique circumstance to ensure all individual concerns are taken care of and resolved.

    Our team will work alongside you to provide excellent services to make certain you always remain compliant.

    If you’d like to know more about how our asbestos experts in Cheshire can help you, get in touch today or use the form above to get a quick quote.

    Areas Our Cheshire Office Covers

    Our asbestos survey services are available all across Cheshire and beyond:

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    HSG264-compliant Asbestos Management Surveys and Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys.


    Asbestos Management Plans to detail your legal obligations as a Dutyholder.


    To help keep Asbestos Removal Management projects under control, we can co-ordinate activity.