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    What Is A Refurbishment and Demolition Survey?

    A Refurbishment and Demolition Survey (or a R&D Survey) is one of two types of asbestos surveys we carry out at Pillars Environmental, formally known as Type 3 Asbestos Surveys.

    As the name suggests, the refurbishment and demolition survey (R&D Asbestos Survey) must legally be carried out on buildings which have maintenance or refurbishment plans due to take place on the property or are being demolished completely. This can apply to the whole building or just one area. The aim of this survey is to locate any asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in the property before any work is undertaken. This ensures that any ACMs found are not disturbed in the process of the demolition or refurbishment. If any ACMs are broken, they can release asbestos fibres into the environment and these have the potential to cause serious health issues.



    The Process of a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

    The refurbishment and demolition survey has one main aim:

    • Find the location of any present ACMs and assess the extent.

    The Pillars Environmental asbestos consultants will use their expertise to undertake a thorough visual and intrusive inspection of all areas that could contain any suspected ACM. If we find a material we suspect contains asbestos, we will take a small sample of the product (in line with HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide).

    These samples are then sent to an independent UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited lab for confirmation. The lab will confirm if the materials do contain asbestos, and what type of asbestos.

    The inspection process during a refurbishment and demolition survey is much more intrusive than the methods used in an asbestos management survey and therefore the areas that need to be inspected must be vacant at all times, allowing our team to have full access.

    "A great service was provided. We were working on a tight deadline and Pillars Environmental did everything in their power to push this job forward and resolve our asbestos problems. A first-class service!"

    Smart Choice Dental Construction Ltd.

    Legalities of an asbestos survey

    The Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 (section 4) states that there is a “legal duty to manage the risk from asbestos in non-domestic premises”. This includes but is not limited to shops, offices, hospitals or schools. This also applies to multi-occupancy premises such as flats. This duty to manage is an essential role to keep all who enter the premises safe from asbestos. You can fulfil your duties with an R&D survey from Pillars Environmental.

    The Asbestos 4th Edition from RICS (May, 2021) expresses the importance of knowing the difference between refurbishment and demolition when seeking a survey from asbestos consultants. Refurbishment can include redecoration or the removal of walls and other internal structures. Demolition (of part, or all of a property) will require a different degree of R&D survey to refurbishments, therefore it is important that you describe the extent of the work being undertaken to our asbestos professionals. 

    The use of asbestos-containing materials was banned in 2000 and therefore, for any structure built pre-2000, there is a chance that asbestos-containing materials can be found within the property. If your property was built after 2000, the risk of ACM being found is greatly reduced, however not obsolete. Read more on the legal obligations surrounding asbestos here.



    Commercial and Domestic R&D Surveys

    Demolition or refurbishment of a commercial or domestic property requires in-depth planning to ensure the safety of those on-site. An R&D survey can help you achieve this.  The survey is a legal requirement for any demolition project and can help you establish either:

    a) The property is free of any asbestos-containing materials or

    b) The property contains ACMs, which can now be handled correctly

    The requirements for commercial and domestic remain very similar, with the key focus being to locate any ACMs before scheduled work commences. Pillars Environmental have over 30 years of experience working safely with asbestos and are well equipped to carry out thorough refurbishment and demolition asbestos surveys on any site.

    Want to find out more?

    The Pillars Environmental team includes many experienced and knowledgeable asbestos professionals. We proudly hold the Acclaim Accreditation and Construction Line Accreditation for health and safety and quality services. We ensure all asbestos surveys are completed to a high standard to help duty holders such as building owners or managers remain fully compliant in their duties to manage the asbestos risk of their building. We also conduct this service as part of our commercial asbestos surveys, so click here to find out more. You can also view some of our previous projects and successes in our case studies portfolio here. If you would like a free quote for an asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey, get in touch today

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    les bridgwater
    les bridgwater
    A great service provided, we were working on a tight deadline they done everything in there powers to push this job forward & resolve our Asbestos problems. FIRST CLASS SERVICE. Smart Choice Dental Construction Ltd.
    Gareth Walsh
    Gareth Walsh
    Pillars have just carried out another survey on 30 flats for us. Carried out fast and great report (other than all the asbestos they found LOL). I would definitely recommend to others. Professional outfit.
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    John Emerson


    Fully HSG264-compliant asbestos surveys. Here at Pillars Environmental, we can carry out both refurbishment and demolition surveys and asbestos management surveys.


    Helping to shape your commitment to asbestos obligations, our asbestos management plans can give you the tools you need to ensure asbestos is controlled and safe for occupancy.


    Asbestos removal and remediation projects can be complex. Our professionals can manage the project on your behalf to ensure safety and compliance at all times.