Riverpark Trading Estate

Service: Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys, Asbestos Management Surveys

Location: Manchester

Completion date: 2023

Industrial Asbestos Management and R&D Surveys in Manchester

Riverpark Trading Estate in Manchester is an industrial area, offering multiple different units to rent. The area is soon to undergo major development works and therefore Pillars Environmental asbestos consultants were asked to undertake a mixture of asbestos Management surveys and refurbishment and demolition surveys.

We conducted different surveys on some sections of the site which were remaining relatively undisturbed during the refurbishment works. This is because these areas are likely to be less disturbed during the refurbishments and therefore more detailed examinations were not required. In areas that were undergoing massive refurbishments or demolition works, a more intrusive style of surveying was required to ensure that asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were correctly identified before work begins, keeping those on-site safe from asbestos exposure.

The site had different functionalities, with some areas operating as office space and others as warehouses or retail units. Again, each required a different and tailored approach depending on the size of the area and the location of suspected ACMs. In order to cover this large-scale project within a tight timescale, two teams were assigned and the work was divided between them to ensure all areas were surveyed thoroughly before the deadline.