Case Studies

Park Inn Hotels, UK


Date Completed: Q1 2019

Project Duration: 4 Months intermittently

A large hotel chain approached us to undertake Asbestos Refurbishment and demolition surveys to six hotels they had recently purchased and were refurbishing, these sites were located to various locations in the south the UK. The hotels consisted of different build structures varying from two to ten storey buildings.

Due to time constraints of the proposed works. We dedicated two of our experienced surveying teams to undertake the works on a programme of three hotels each, running consequently to each other over a four-month period.

All the properties were still live working hotels and had specific access requirements. Our surveyors worked closely with the facilities managers of each hotel to agree the strategy before commencement.  Our teams worked away and stayed on site to enable them to adjust there working hours to suit the hotel’s needs, working split shifts and night hours in some cases to enable them to then access areas, which would be unoccupied once the guests had left.

NOMA Project, Manchester


Date Completed: Sept 2018 / 2019

Project Duration: Various durations per site

We were asked by one of the UKs leading construction company to undertake Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition surveys and Lead based paint Surveys to 3 Grade two listed buildings situated in Manchester City Centre which were all due for refurbishment. These buildings are known as

New Century Hall

Redfern Building

The Old Bank

The buildings became available at different stages over a two year period and we were required to have multiple phased visits to each site in order to complete the R&D survey at the different stages of works and as access was available.

Due to the sensitive and heritage nature of the buildings our proposals and methodology was approved by UK heritage. Our surveying teams ensured that even though they were intrusive to the building, they took extra care and precaution around areas were heritage items were present


Municipal Project, Liverpool


Date Completed: Aug 2019

Project Duration: 2 weeks

Our surveying teams undertook both Asbestos & Lead surveys to a Grade 2 listed building former Council administration building in Liverpool City Centre. The building is being refurbished into a luxury hotel. The survey was undertaken over a phased visit basis over a 4-month period with multiple visits at various stages of the works.

Due to the sensitive and heritage nature of the building our proposals and methodology was approved by UK heritage. Our surveying teams ensured that even though they were intrusive to the building, they took extra care and precaution around areas were heritage items were present

The scope of our works included surveying the Large heritage clock and bell tower

which have been in situ since1860s.

St James Hospital, Portsmouth


Date Completed: April 2019

Project Duration: 4 weeks

We were instructed by a leading housing developer us to undertake an Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition survey to a two/three storey former hospital site in Portsmouth which contained an existing 18th century church. The site is planned to be turned into luxury residential properties. The hospital was constructed in 1879 and had multiple buildings constructed at different times attached, the scope of our works included our teams surveying accessing the large sub floor voids beneath the hospital.

Due to access and control of the building our programme spread over a 4 month period and required multiple visits where our surveying team accessed different sections vacated by the NHS.

Various Nurseries, Blackpool


Date Completed: June 2020

Project Duration: 1 week

We were asked by a large nursery chain to carry out asbestos inspections at 5 of its Blackpool sites in order to ensure compliant management of any asbestos found.

All properties were still active and in full operation so our teams were extra vigilant in safe guarding everyone on site during the inspections.

SCA Site, Skelmersdale


Date Completed: June 2020

Project Duration: 2 days

We were asked by SCA to carry out an extensive asbestos management survey to a large manufacturing site in Skelmersdale. Our works involved identification of suspected asbestos within several large industrial size units with multiple levels all containing vast amounts of pipework and industrial equipment.

Garden Street, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire


Project Duration: 3 days

Pillars Environmental were instructed by our client to conduct a full Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey to a former multi storey retail unit within Lytham St Annes town centre, Lancashire which is programmed for a major refurbishment.
The original parts of the building pre date the 1900s with additional parts and floors being added over a long period of time from resulting refurbishments over the years.
This has meant the surveyors faced many different layers of the property with varying construction styles throughout the property, which required investigation. The surveyors were able to ascertain the changes in construction and materials on the upper floors to identify all asbestos containing materials (ACM`s) within the fabric of the building.
Throughout the building a wide spread of different ACM`s were identified from licensed products such as Asbestos Thermal insulation, Asbestos insulating board and also none licensed asbestos such as Asbestos cement, rope and floor tiles.