Municipal Project

Service: Asbestos and Lead Surveys

Location: Liverpool

Completion date: August 2019

Project Duration: 2 weeks

Asbestos Management Survey and Lead Surveys in Liverpool

Our surveying teams undertook both Asbestos & Lead surveys to a Grade 2 listed building former Council administration building in Liverpool City Centre. The building is being refurbished into a luxury hotel. The survey was undertaken over a phased visit basis over a 4-month period with multiple visits at various stages of the works.

Due to the sensitive and heritage nature of the building, our proposals and methodology were approved by UK Heritage. Our surveying teams ensured that even though they were intrusive to the building, they took extra care and precaution around areas where heritage items were present.

The scope of our works included surveying the Large heritage clock and bell tower which have been in situ since the 1860s.