If you have an asbestos management plan in place, you may have or have had asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within your building. The plan outlines how you should manage these to not only stay compliant with legislation but also to protect those who enter your property from exposure to asbestos. However, once in place, one question we get asked often is ‘how often should my asbestos management plan be reviewed?’. In this blog, we are going to answer just that!

What is an asbestos management plan?

If in place, you will already know that your asbestos plan helps you to keep a documented record of any asbestos-containing materials in your property, the material type, extent and material score. It will detail if these materials were simply labelled and monitored, remediated or removed and sets out steps needed to ensure that the risk of asbestos exposure remains as low as possible. In your bespoke plan, it will address who is responsible for each stage being carried out (often the duty holder of the property, for example an owner or building manager) to demonstrate your commitment to the plan.

So, how often should your plan be reviewed?

Keeping your plan up to date is an ongoing process. At a minimum, the Health and Safety Executive states that you must check all asbestos-containing materials at least once a year to make sure the materials have not deteriorated in that time. 

However, the Control of Asbestos Regulations stress that an Asbestos Management Plan is put in place to protect anyone who may enter the building, including staff, contractors or visitors. If you have work undertaken on your property (for example refurbishments, maintenance or demolitions) you will need to show any contractors your current asbestos management plan and ensure they have read, understood and signed before works can commence. This ensures all contractors understand where asbestos is within the building and if it is present in any work areas.

The amount you inspect any ACMs in your property will also depend on the material risk assessment score. If your ACMs are of a higher score, for example they are within a high traffic area, they are likely to need inspecting far more often.

How can I review my asbestos management plan?

If you have no prior competence and/ or training when it comes to managing asbestos, we strongly advise that you employ the help of professional asbestos consultants, such as Pillars Environmental. Our asbestos experts are able to carry out detailed asbestos surveys and update your management plan accordingly. Having your review carried out by professionals can make sure that you remain compliant and everyone who may reside or visit the property remains safe at all times.

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