Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Management of Buildings

Managing your Asbestos Obligations

An Asbestos Management Plan shapes your commitment to managing your Asbestos obligations by setting out the process in which you will ensure people in your building or site are not exposed to the material. The plan includes who is responsible for managing asbestos, the asbestos register, previous asbestos works undertaken on the site and the level of communication required to ensure its managed effectively.

Our Management plans create a history of the materials on site and ensure that they are maintained, labelled or removed

Our Asbestos Management Plans are designed to give you as our client the tools to ensure you fulfil your statutory obligations and managing your Asbestos Risks effectively and sets out clearly what follow up actions are required along with the desired timeframes for completion based on a priority and material risk assessment scale and outlines clear lines of responsibility and communication and will identify any training needs required and can be written