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Professional lead surveys to confirm the presence of lead in domestic and commercial properties.

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    Professional Lead Surveys

    Much like asbestos, although lead is not used within construction materials anymore, it still can be found within homes, schools, offices or other buildings across the country. If your home was built before 1980, it may contain hazardous lead materials, such as paint, roofs or pipes. To determine the presence of lead in your property, Pillars Environmental lead specialists can undertake thorough lead surveys on properties of any size.





    Your Legal Obligations With Lead

    The Control of Lead at Work Regulations (2002) states that:

    “An employer working with lead […] has a duty so far as is reasonably practicable to protect from exposure to lead”

    This means, before any work can begin on a property, for example maintenance, refurbishments or demolitions, a rigorous lead survey must first be carried out. Exposure to lead can cause serious health conditions, including anaemia or stomach pains in short term exposure or nerve and brain damage for those exposed to lead over a number of years (Health and Safety Executive)

    Lead has been used within many construction materials and those most commonly found within commercial and domestic buildings include; lead paint, lead roofs or in pipes. 

    “An employer who is working with lead, or a substance or material containing it, has a duty so far as is reasonably practicable to protect from exposure to lead anyone else who may be affected by the work”

    (Control of Lead at Work Regulations, 2002)

    Lead Paint Surveys

    Used widely pre-1980’s, lead-based paint was used as a pigment and drying-agent. These properties made it popular and it was used in many homes across the country. When left undisturbed, the lead paint’s hazards can be largely contained. However, when paint begins chipping, the flakes could be inhaled. In order to prevent this happening, a lead paint survey must be undertaken if you suspect your property contains lead paint (whether this is chipped or undamaged) or if you are scheduling any level of refurbishments or demolition works.

    Lead paint inspection and surveys are required as due diligence by the CDM regulations and The Control of Lead at Work Regulations, when any form of refurbishment or demolitions are due to take place on a property.


    The Process of Lead Testing

    Much like with asbestos surveying, the Pillars Environmental team can use a wide range of thorough sampling techniques to determine if lead is present within your property and to what extent. 

    Pillars Environmental lead survey specialists will visually inspect the suspected materials for signs of lead, whilst also sampling paint chips, swapping the area and using x-ray fluorescence (XRF). Once the samples have been taken, we will send them off to a UKAS-accredited lab in order to confirm the presence of lead. We are then able to offer practical advice on how best to proceed. Lead removals may be required to safely take away any lead products from the building. If full removal is not required, remediation works can ensure that the lead products do not pose a health and safety risk if left within the property. 

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    Since 2016, we have been helping building owners and managers highlight the risk of lead or asbestos within their properties. Our team can offer you tailored lead management solutions, using years of experience and knowledge to ensure your property remains safe. Get in touch with us below to get your free lead survey quote.

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