When asking ‘how much does an asbestos survey cost’ it’s important to understand that there’s no standard fee involved. This is because no two buildings are exactly the same, and therefore no two surveys are ever the same.

How much you pay for your asbestos survey will depend on how your asbestos surveyor calculates their costs and what’s included in the survey.

Once you know the variables (and how they apply to your particular property) you’ll be in a better position to decide if you’ve got a good value quote.

How is the cost of an asbestos survey calculated?

Various factors will determine how much you’ll be quoted for an asbestos survey, with the most obvious being the type of work required. There are two possible asbestos surveys that could be undertaken: the asbestos management survey and the refurbishment and demolition survey. 

An asbestos management survey will typically cost less than a refurbishment and demolition survey being completed on buildings of similar sizes, due to the less intrusive nature of the work.

Asbestos management survey

A thorough asbestos management survey is used to locate any asbestos-containing materials (ACM) that might be disturbed during normal building occupancy.

Where access is possible, areas will be inspected for suspected ACMs. In any areas where access cannot be gained, ACMs would be assumed to be present until a full inspection can take place.

Often, the building will remain occupied during this type of survey, so samples will be taken only from unoccupied areas of the property.

Asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey

This type of survey is also designed to determine the presence of ACMs – but in buildings scheduled for large-scale maintenance, refurbishments or demolition.

The inspection and sampling methods are much more intrusive, with complete access to all areas of the site required by the surveyor.

And as this thorough approach is more likely to disturb fixtures and fittings, it’s important that the property (or area of the property being refurbished or demolished) is completely vacant whilst inspections are being carried out.

Other factors that affect the asbestos survey cost

Aside from the type of survey itself, there are other variables that can have an impact on the cost of your asbestos survey.

Size of building

From a small retail unit with a floorspace of a few hundred square feet, to an office building with more than 50,000 sq ft, costs can scale accordingly.

If you’re able to provide fairly accurate measurements of your property, you’ll be more likely to receive a quote that best represents your needs.

However, contributing factors such as the number of rooms or installations can impact the time it takes to complete your asbestos survey.

For example, a two storey office building with multiple rooms, ceiling voids and the like may impact the time taken to inspect the surveyed areas, more than a much larger single warehouse space.

Out of hours surveying

If your asbestos survey must be undertaken outside of working hours, for example, nights or weekends, this too can impact the final cost. This is more likely to impact an asbestos management survey, as the building may remain occupied. In an office block, for example, surveying may only be possible after a certain time when all employees have left for the day.

Access equipment

If a property inspection requires specialist access equipment, you may find the price of your survey increase. Examples could include scissor lifts to reach high ceilings or articulated booms to enable access to hard-to-reach areas.

Domestic asbestos survey cost vs commercial property asbestos survey cost

The cost of a survey undertaken on a domestic property, compared to a commercial property, will likely be lower due to the factors listed above. A commercial property may be larger than a domestic property and therefore it would take longer for a surveyor to thoroughly inspect all areas ACMs might be present. In warehouses, access equipment may be needed, adding to the costs of your survey. In a domestic property, for example a home or garage, occupants may still be living in the building and therefore your surveyor will opt for less intrusive techniques, likely lowering the overall cost.

Need a quote for an asbestos survey?

Now you know some of the things that might factor into any quote you receive for an asbestos survey, you’ve got a clearer idea of what you’ll likely spend.

And in order to get the most accurate estimate, it’s best to provide the relevant details of your project.
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